10 Greek Online Marketing Tips

Does Website marketing seem all Greek to you?

Not anymore! Who Likes Money, I’ll show among the best Greek marketing secrets the best of this is that you do not have to travel to Greece to figure out these secrets.

Let’s take a look at just 10 of the finest kept strategies of Greek Online marketing:


The vital thing to do, even before you think of website design, is to accomplish proper general market trends about what you plan to offer inside your website – do you think you’re offering an item or a service? Do you think you’re just offering some good info? Who is your target customer? Is the product or service geared towards some specific group of people? Where can they hang around? (Facebook, Forums, Blogs…?) All this information is essential for the proper style of your website. Who Likes Money, An extremely useful tool for keyword research is “External Google Keyword Tool”. Go there (Google it), select Greece-Greek from the preferences, after which using proper keywords you’ll find out what Greeks are trying to find!

2. SEO

Have you ever heard of the term “SEO”? Well, it represents “Search Engine Optimization” – which means that whatever information you’ve got in your website, it needs to be friendly for the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to get it and “crawl” through it. Who Likes Money, The website layout, and even the Code play a vital role. Furthermore you may need a lot of good links business related Greek sites. Searching for “Greek directory”, “Greek article directory”, “Greek websites directory”, “Greek blog” and your keywords to discover places you can put links to your website.


First thing you want your internet site to do is usually to catch the visitors attention inside of 10”. Who Likes Money, A is the first section of the famous marketing principle called AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Greek Online marketing not only designs your websites but achieves this in a manner that can make it interesting on the customer or visitor. Customers always ask the question “What’s in it for me?” whenever they visit a website. Your homepage needs to be interesting enough to trap their attention and extremely make them want to learn more about your product or service and services.

4. Traffic & Statistics

Who Likes Money, What’s the point in having a website, if nobody visits it? Most importantly, you need to have enough information regarding the visitors to your site so that you can analyze the information and comprehend the kind of visitors you get. Based on such analysis, you can contribute or remove certain information from a site or make changes wherever necessary to help you draw more customers to your site to make more sales!

5. Frequent Updates

A fascinating website must show one of the most current content and supply useful information for the visitors. In case your website is not updated regularly men and women eventually encountered in it and stop visiting. Without the time or resources to get it done, leave it to the more experienced professionals. Who Likes Money, Furthermore if you don’t update your site regularly it will lose its Google rankings!

6. ROI – Return

Evrything you do to market or market your site features a cost. It might be time, it might energy or it could be money… Who Likes Money, It isn’t really important just how much you spend so how much you get due to this cost. This is what’s called return on investment.

7. Combine Methods

In order to promote your website and find as many customers as you can, you should explore all avenues to accomplish this. Email marketing can be another good option to accomplish this as emails are mailed to potential prospects with specifics of what your site has to offer, Who Likes Money, the best of this is that the cost is almost zero! Well the same with other method like Social websites and Viral marketing.

8. Social websites Optimization

Don’t keep a low profile. Who Likes Money, Step out there! Market your site and fasten with other people and businesses. Social websites are a way to increase visibility and get targeted traffic to your own website. Important websites that fall within this category are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. There are tons of Greek sites like Zoo.gr and Greek social bookmarking sites like Diggare.gr, Buzz.reality-tape.com, Digme.gr, Bobit.gr plus much more… A great place for B2B opportunities is LinkedIn.

9. Web Directories and Niche Directories

Just about the most important things to accomplish is to submit your website to web directories. Who Likes Money, These are repositories of knowledge and it makes it much easier for your site to get indexed and consequently found on the internet with the search engines. Good Directories are by way of example Pathfinder.gr, In.gr, Robby.gr, Forthnet.gr and InternetSites.gr.

If your business features a niche character (like doctor, lawyer…) there is also niche directories and forums to participate in, submit your site and maybe also place some banners.

10. Article submission sites

Who Likes Money, It’s also worth writing useful articles to advertise your business after which submit them to Article directories. It’s easy to find Greek Article submission sites if you use google.gr and look for “submit article”, “article directory” or perhaps the same search-phrases in Greek.

How To Master Online Marketing In No Time!

When evaluating different online marketing opportunities, ask what process they normally use to monitor and fulfill orders placed from locations outside their very own website. Who Likes Money, When they cannot track those made by mail or phone back to your given affiliate ID, there might be major losses inside your commissions.

Lots of affiliates go crazy to become “super affiliates.” These folks will take on too much. They have too many promotions, way too many products, and therefore are spread strategy to thin to be successful. Remember that there is no such thing as maximum results. Have a reasoned, methodical approach that fits your personality.

Use secret links. Who Likes Money, You can find techniques that permit you to put links inside your text to affiliates without the links looking obvious. Start using these, but be truthful about them. Avoid surprising your readers by allowing them to see the context used behind the hyperlink.

Most of the people on your email list can be unsubscribing and you will need to replace all of them with new customers. Who Likes Money, To have and keep new clients, only send them your better emails which are sure to grab their attention from the very first contact.

Using text services may help affiliates to do well and earn commissions. This can be a new thing, many affiliates are choosing this technique. It keeps customers informed and will help you sell your products or services.

You should only affiliate with businesses that have good reputations to be fair with their partners. Should they pay less than 20% commission, keep looking. Who Likes Money, The best affiliates provides you with a good commission to be able to entice you to definitely promote their business.

Consider your marketplace when choosing affiliates. This can demonstrate to the future prospect that you appreciate their own personal needs and improve the chances of receiving plenty of orders.

Google Ads

To make the most money from a affiliate marketing programs, Who Likes Money, you probably should start using paid for advertising, like Google Ads. With the way Google ads work with keywords, you are able to reach potential prospects that would haven’t seen your web site otherwise.

Affiliate marketing online doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems at first. The effort purchased research or networking can pay off in the end. With the tips which you have learned, you should be more savvy inside the affiliate marketing. Who Likes Money, process. Affiliate marketing online can be fun and rewarding when done efficiently, so why not get going today.

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